According to Union Minister, India Is Almost A Frontline Nation In Space Technology

On Thursday, Union Minister Jitendra Singh claimed that when it comes to space technology, India is almost at the forefront of the world.

The G20 Sherpa and his team were thanked for hosting the event in Bengaluru by the Union Minister at the opening remarks of the two-day G20 Space Economy Leaders Meeting.

Representatives from the top space agencies in the globe gathered in Bengaluru for the occasion.

Mr Singh said, “I must compliment the G20 Sherpa and his team for having this event over here. This was the Space Economy Leaders Meeting, the 4th of its kind, and we had presentations from as many as 17 or 18 out of the 20 G20 countries. India now is almost a frontline nation as far as our space technology and capabilities are concerned.”

The Union Minister added, “Bengaluru took a number of revolutionary decisions in the last 9 years, including the opening of a Space Department. We now have as many as 140 very brilliant startups.”


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