Shein will return to India in collaboration with Reliance Retail

According to insiders in the industry, the top retailer in India, Reliance Retail, is teaming up with the Chinese online fast fashion firm Shein to reenter the nation over three years after it was banned.

Shein was one of the apps that the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology decided to outlaw in June 2020 as a result of escalating tensions along the Himalayan boundaries with China.

In order to access one of the world’s fastest growing fash fashion sectors, Shein has now teamed with Reliance Retail and will conduct business through the retail division of Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries.

By the time the report was filed, Reliance Retail had not responded to an email regarding the development.

Shein, which is being criticised in some markets for over-sourcing from the United States, would take advantage of the prospects offered here. According to the source, it will serve as a sourcing platform for Shein’s global operation for the Middle East and other markets.

Reliance Retail, which has a sizable collection of fashion brands, will also gain from this.

Shein was granted access to Reliance Retail’s vast network of physical and online stores, as well as its warehouse and logistics infrastructure, as part of the partnership.

Shein, a company that was founded in 2008, is well-known for its low prices and is well-liked by millennials for its stylish women’s clothing and other goods.

The government outlawed it along with 59 apps after claiming that these platforms represented a “threat to sovereignty and integrity” at the time.

However, Shein items could be purchased online via e-commerce sites like Amazon. The Delhi High Court was also consulted regarding the issues.


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