Trolls who believe Raveena Tandon is not deserving of the Padma Shri award “have their own agenda,” says Tandon.

President Droupadi Murmu recently awarded actor Raveena Tandon with the fourth-highest civilian honor, the Padma Shri. Her accomplishment was acknowledged by her family, friends, and coworkers. On social media, a few users questioned if she truly deserved the distinction. Raveena mentioned these trolls in a recent interview and claimed that she is unaffected by their remarks.

The people who are harassing Raveena, according to her, are unaware of the “long hours” an actor works. “I don’t want to give any importance to them as they have their own agenda,” she said to Mid-Day. I won’t let a few people’s comments who have 20 followers but haven’t seen my work undermine my body of work.

She continued by saying that these trolls are only interested in the “glamour” and are unaware of the labour-intensive nature of filmmaking. They are blind to the tough effort and long hours we put in. We are aware of how polarizing social media is right now, but others have sent such lovely (wishes),” Raveena added.

Raveena shared photos from the memorable day she received the Padma Shri. She will next be seen in the romantic comedy Ghudchadi starring Sanjay Dutt, Parth Samthaan, and Khushali Kumar. She attended the ceremony with her two kids, Rasha and Ranbir Thadani, as well as her husband, Anil Thadani.

Raveena has previously discussed her father Ravi Tandon’s desire for her to obtain the Padma Shri award in an interview with Hindustan Times. She expressed emotion at learning of her victory, stating, “It was undoubtedly an emotional time for me because it was something that my father (filmmaker Ravi Tandon) had always hoped for and believed would be a happy moment (for him) should I get the Padma Shri distinction. Unfortunately, he is not present to see the honours that I received. So, receiving the honour left me with conflicted feelings. It arrived with some happiness and then some more bliss. I felt happier while I was considering him and telling myself that, at the very least, I fulfilled my dad’s dream.”


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