Jos Alukkas Unveils Mehfil: A Tribute to Classical Mughal Designs

Jos Alukkas introduces Mehfil, an elegant new sub-brand that showcases a captivating array of Mughal-inspired jewellery. The Mehfil range was launched with glamour in Chennai. The renowned South Indian film star Anarkali Marikar graced the event, unveiling Mehfils exquisite pieces graciously designed for discerning tastes, and ready for the upcoming wedding season. The event was attended by Jos Alukkas Managing Directors, Varghese Alukka, Paul J Alukka, and John Alukka.

Jos Alukkas new sub-brand, Mehfil was unveiled by actress Anarkali Marikar, Jos Alukkas Managing Directors Varghese Alukka, Paul J Alukka, and John Alukka are seen alongside

Magnificent Jewellery Designs of the Mughal Period

The Mughal period was renowned for its magnificent jewellery designs, crafted from precious gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, kundan, polki, jade, and others. Mughal jewellery represents a fusion of Indian jewellery art and Middle Eastern charm. Two distinctive features that set Mughal jewellery apart from other Indian styles are its meticulous stonework and intricate enamelling techniques. Jos Alukkas draws inspiration from the rich legacy of Mughal jewellery, infusing it with contemporary flair to captivate the present generation.

The Mehfil Collection: A Celebration of Craftsmanship

Mehfil jewellery showcases Jos Alukkas dedication to timeless craftsmanship and innovation, offering pieces that resonate with both tradition and modernity. Monalisa, moissanite, onyx, rice pearl, and Russian emerald are the precious stones featured in the Mehfil collection. Their meticulous workmanship brings out the true beauty of these gems.

Mehfil jewellery is crafted by expert designers and skilled craftsmen, celebrating the rich tapestry of diverse cultures. In addition to weddings, the Mehfil Collection offers exquisite jewellery perfect for various special occasions,” stated Chairman Jos Alukka.

Jos Alukkas employs a stone-setting method that does not involve wax, ensuring the purity and grammage of the gold.

Jos Alukkas, established in 1964, is a leading jewellery group in South India known for its legacy of trust and innovation. Jos Alukkas continues to set benchmarks in the jewellery industry, offering customers exquisite designs and maintaining uncompromising standards of purity.


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