At Jantar Mantar, wrestlers and Delhi Police fight; Vinesh Phogat’s brother is hurt.

The wrestlers, who are protesting WFI president Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, got into a fight with Delhi Police officials late on Wednesday at Jantar Mantar. The wrestlers claim that some police officers beat them with batons.

Wrestler Bajrang Punia explained to reporters that some of the crowd had brought wooden beds to sleep on because of the weather, and that some policeman “attacked them” after that. All residents were urged to travel to Delhi to support the protests. “Bring your tractors to Delhi before dawn. They are mistreating daughters and sisters, he claimed.

When questioned, DCP (New Delhi) Pranav Tayal stated, “Mr. Somnath Bharti (AAP MLA) came at the protest site along with folding beds without permission during the protest at Jantar Mantar. Upon intervention, the fans turned combative in their attempts to remove the truck’s beds. After a brief altercation, Mr. Somnath Bharti and two other people were taken into custody.

Strange is the situation, Mr. Bharti wrote on Twitter. Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, a member of the BJP, is out and about despite the fact that a POCSO FIR has been filed against him, but I have been held in the Mandir Marg Police Station simply for having backed the demand of female wrestlers for a foldable cot to escape the Jantar Mantar’s rain-damaged site.

Wrestlers are protesting Mr. Singh and accusing him of harassing numerous female wrestlers sexually.

One of the protest’s organisers, Gopal Tiwari, told Sportstar that the attack hurt wrestler Rahul Yadav.

“We had cots because of the rain and flooding, but the police started hurling them around. When Vinesh Phogat and Bajrang Punia arrived, a three-star officer began verbally insulting them, primarily by pointing at Vinesh, he claimed.

While this was going on, a few police officers kicked Rahul and struck him in the head with a foldable cot before attacking him with sticks. He had head and leg injuries, and the demonstrators were not permitted to transport him to the hospital, the man added.

The internet was flooded with alleged videos of the incident. One of them showed some demonstrators gathering a policeman, who they claimed was “still drunk.”

Before the altercation, according to Mr Tiwari, the demonstrators discovered one police officer drinking in the lavatory and demanded that a medical examination be conducted on him. “But the police threatened us and took him away to protect him,” he claimed.

Additionally, he claimed that some police officers had mistreated and manhandled women. 

Wrestler Vinesh Phogat said in a different video that one wrestler “suffered head injuries in the attack” and that the police “misbehaved and pushed” female demonstrators.

When speaking to reporters, Vinesh sobbed and claimed that “no women police personnel” were present at the scene of the altercation. She questioned, “Why were they (male staff) pushing us?”

Angry with the Central Government on Twitter, Delhi Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj claimed that a wrestler at Jantar Mantar had been attacked by a Delhi Police officer.

He asked that the police officer’s medical exam and the wrestler’s MLC be done since “it is being alleged that the officer was drunk.”

He added, “Central Govt will avoid getting medical test of its Police officer,” in another tweet. The policeman allegedly mistreated the female wrestlers because he was inebriated. Why is that?

Geeta Phogat, a wrestler, claimed in a tweet that “the police attacked wrestlers at Jantar Mantar, inflicting injuries on another wrestler and severing the head of my younger brother Dushyant Phogat.” It is extremely shameful.


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