Aman Bhutani, the CEO of GoDaddy, has cut 8% of the company’s workforce.

GoDaddy’s CEO, Aman Bhutani, announced that 8% of the company’s staff would be laid off due to increasingly challenging macroeconomic conditions.

In an email to staff members, Bhutani stated that every division and numerous levels of the organization are affected, with the majority of affected responsibilities being in the US.

“The planned impacts also include ongoing work to more deeply integrate three of our brands — Media Temple, Main Street Hub, and 123 Reg — into GoDaddy,” he wrote.

Impacted team members received a meeting invite from their leadership to learn the details of their transition, aligned with local employment processes.

“Media Temple customers and team members are already aware of the transition to GoDaddy infrastructure as we work to sunset the brand, and team members will receive a meeting invite today to explain the path forward for them,” Bhutani informed.

Some roles in 123 Reg may not be required longer-term and “we will notify any impacted team members by March 1, 2023”.

In accordance with regional regulations and conventions, the company is providing the impacted employees with a transition package.

This will consist of 12 weeks of paid administrative leave with continued core benefits coverage in the US.

According to the CEO of GoDaddy, leaving team members will also be qualified for extended healthcare benefits, two extra weeks of severance every year worked (with a minimum of four weeks), as well as outplacement and immigration counseling to ease their transition.

According to layoffs, more than 336 major companies have fired more than 1 lakh tech workers in less than two months of the new year.


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