Uttar Pradesh private schools are closed today. Here’s why

Uttar Pradesh private schools are closed today. Here’s why

Tomorrow, August 8, all private schools in Uttar Pradesh that are members of the Central and State Boards will be closed in protest of the detention of the school’s principal and a teacher in Azamgarh. This choice has been made by the Unaided Private School Association of Uttar Pradesh. However, there is no equivalent government directive requiring the cancellation of school holidays. Therefore, the public schools will continue to operate.

Private school students and parents have been urged to get in touch with their respective institutions on the closure of classes on August 8.

What was going on?

The principal and a teacher at a private school were detained on suspicion of murder after the 17-year-old female student allegedly leaped off the third storey of the school building. The deceased student’s relatives allegedly told the authorities that she took the drastic measure because the teacher and principal had been “frequently harassing” her.

Why is UPSA standing by the teacher and principal who were arrested?

All private schools in Uttar Pradesh that are affiliated with the CBSE, ICSE, and UP Board will be closed on August 8 in order to support the school principal and teacher in Azamgarh who were detained after a student jumped off the school building and died on August 1.

He added that the suicide case should be thoroughly investigated and that only if the accusations are proven should action be done.

In order to protect school administrators and instructors in the event that a student commits a crime or takes his or her life on the school grounds owing to some personal or mental concerns, we will be meeting with the deputy chief minister Brajesh Pathak.

He continued by saying that a framework ought to be in place to stop innocent school staff from being imprisoned in such incidents. The fact that the teacher and school administrator were detained without first conducting an investigation is the biggest issue we have with the Azamgarh case.


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