After the report, Aditya Narayan clarifies on social media: “I’m not exposing any dark sides of Bollywood.”

Aditya Narayan, uploaded a screenshot of a news article captioned, “Priyanka Chopra’s streak of exposing dark side of Bollywood: “I was replaced at the last minute after singing a big song this year.” Aditya Narayan stressed that, in contrast to what was said in the report, his objective was not to reveal “any dark side of Bollywood” after posting the screenshot of the article. In a recent interview, Aditya disclosed that he had contributed vocals to a song that was ultimately eliminated. He said that so far, his experiences with the Indian film and television industries have mostly been favourable. Don’t use someone else’s statements completely out of context, please. In no way am I showing the “dark side of Bollywood.” I have not received unfair treatment. Aditya stated, “I am not being ‘targeted’.

Aditya Narayan clarified what he actually stated in the interview by writing: “A journalist inquired about my next Hindi film song release and I answered I’m not sure as I had recently performed a song that wasn’t used in the final version. I’m done now. As singers, we are not aware of the order of the singers’ first and last notes. All I know is that I was a likely candidate. This is standard procedure in our music business.

Aditya also discussed his early career experiences in the field. “I am content and appreciative of my existence, and I never take for granted any of the opportunities I am given. Take it from someone who has worked there for 28 years. Working in the Hindi music, film, and television industries is a tremendous experience. Are the people here wonderful? Yes. majority of them are. Do ultimate douchebags exist? Undoubtedly, but they are in the minority,” he added.

Aditya Narayan concluded the statement by asking, “Is it difficult? Naturally, it is. It’s challenging to pursue perfection. whatever the subject—science, literature, business, or anything else. Work hard, give it your all, be thankful for what you have, and share love. In this huge and limitless cosmos, we are all just a few grains of sand.


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