Fans claim that Sidharth “loved her” in response to Shehnaaz Gill’s “Tu Mera Hai” clip going viral once more.

One of the most talked-about parts of Bigg Boss 13 was the friendship between Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill. Fans all throughout the country fell in love with them because of their witty banter and chemistry. They were frequently seen together at events and parties long after the programme had concluded as their bond remained strong. Shehnaaz and Sidharth’s admirers were grieved by the tragic demise of the actor in September 2021. Fans of Sidnaaz have grown to love Shehnaaz’s Bigg Boss 13 line “Tu Mera Hai Mera Hee Rahega” so much. Fans of the couple expressed their affection for them in a variety of trends and discussions that the couple sparked on social media.

Shehnaaz continues in one of the most frequently seen episodes, telling Siddharth, “Tu Mera hai” (You are mine). It says, “Main phaad ke rakh dungi sabko yahan pe. I’ll tear everyone who attempts to stand in our way apart. Mujhe game nahi jitni, mujhe tujhe jitna hai. I care more about winning you than I do about winning the game. The video is once again going popular on the internet due to Salman Khan telling Shehnaaz to “move on” and allegations of her growing closer to actor-dancer Raghav Juyal.

Shehnaaz recently sobbed while discussing her grief for Sidharth’s sudden demise on her chat programme. “Mein aapko sach bolu, mein bhi abhi dabane lag gayi hu emotions ko,” she remarked. There are emotional moments in just everyday living, but they are not always accompanied by knowledge. Sympathy le rahi hai kyuki log likhte. (I’ll be honest; I’ve started holding back my feelings. I was unable to share the emotional times in my life with anyone. Because they would claim that I’m doing it to win their sympathy).


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