Pregnant Sana Khan BREAKS SILENCE on ‘weird’ video that got backlash for husband

Iftaar Party hosted by Baba Siddique was a hit. Numerous TV and Bollywood stars were present. There are also a tonne of images and movies on the internet. Sana Khan appeared in one of the videos that went viral. Together with Mufti Anas Saiyad, the celebrity who left show business to “serve humanity” arrived. Sana Khan was seen on camera griping about how she can’t move too quickly because she will tyre out. Her husband Anas Saiyad received harsh criticism for the video as internet users called him out for ‘dragging’ his pregnant wife. Sana Khan, however, has finally spoken out about the matter. She discussed the video in a comment and provided all the details.

Sana Khan breaks silence

Sana Khan wrote a lengthy statement and explained in the video that they lost communication with their driver as soon as they left the party. She had been standing for a while when she began to sweat. She said that her spouse solely cared about her and wished for her to sit and drink some water. She acknowledged that the video appears odd but that it is not as it appears. She went on to say that she had herself instructed Anas to proceed swiftly since they didn’t want to annoy the photographers who were there to take shots. Sana Khan urged everyone to think positively and even thanked everyone who showed care.

We lost contact with the driver and the car once we got out, and she stated, “He hurriedly wanted to get me in so I can sit and have water and some air. I was uncomfortable standing for longer than usual.” I was the one who told him to enter quickly since we didn’t want to annoy the photographers who were taking pictures of all the attendees. So please, just don’t think differently.


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