Sidharth Sagar denies quitting The Kapil Sharma Show: ‘Fake news’

Fans of The Kapil Sharma Show, who still miss Krushna Abhishek, were shocked to hear that Sidharth Sagar may have also left the comic program. He refuted the claim, though, in an interview with

“Aisa kuch nahi hai (There’s nothing like this). It’s all fake news,” Sidharth told us. When asked if he is shooting for the show, the actor said, “I did not shoot for the last few episodes. But team se abhi baat huyi hai meri (I just spoke to the team).”

As per recent news reports, Sidharth Sagar was said to have parted ways with Kapil Sharma owing to a monetary disagreement. The actor reportedly asked for a hike but was denied the same, leaving him to take this step. When asked about his take on such reports, he calmly said, “I have no reaction since I don’t even know what has been out in the media. Mujhe nahi pata kya reports aayi hai, maine nahi dekha.”

Readers are likely aware that Sidharth made a comeback on The Kapil Sharma Show after struggling with personal issues, including substance abuse. The comedian’s portrayal of well-known Bollywood stars, the most well-known of which was “Funveer Singh,” had the audience in stitches.

While there had been talked of a raise, a source familiar with the program added, the actor and the channel appear to have already resolved the issue. They explained his absence by pointing out that The Kapil Sharma Show has many actors and that some are occasionally given a break.


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