The case against the Pakistani journalist who said she had slept with Fardeen Khan and Feroz Khan is intensified by Celina Jaitly.

Celina Jaitly

Celina Jaitly thanked the government of India and the National Commission for Women for helping out in her case involving a Pakistani national

Celina Jaitly has revealed that the Ministry for External Affairs has brought up the matter with the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi and requested “an immediate investigation and action.” She had previously responded to a Twitter user who had accused her of “sleeping” with actor Fardeen Khan and his father, Feroz Khan. Celina wrote a lengthy message on Twitter announcing the news and a photo of the letter the MEA sent to the National Commission for Women (NCW).

The case

Celina Jaitley is the only actress in Bollywood who has frequented both the father (Feroz Khan) and the son (Fardeen Khan), according to a tweet from Pakistani film critic and journalist Umair Sandhu earlier this year. When Celina replied to the tweet, she was well-supported. With his own son Fardeen, the late actor-director Feroz Khan gave Celina her big debut in their home movie Janasheen, which was released in 2003.

“A few months ago, a self-described Hindi film critic and journalist from Pakistan named Umair Sandu took to Twitter to make viral untrue horrific claims about me,” Celina wrote on Sunday. “These claims included bizarre allegations about my relationships with both my mentor Feroz Khan and his son Fardeen, in addition to claims targeting my safety and security, even in Austria. Millions of Twitter users, including Pakistanis who were outraged by his attitude, supported me after my response to his harassment and false allegations from Pakistan went public.

Even if Umair updated his whereabouts online, Celina continued, he was still hiding in Pakistan. She then made the decision to bring the issue before the National Commission for Women (NCW), which acknowledged her complaint and forwarded a letter to the Joint Secretary at the Ministry of External Affairs. The MEA has sent a letter to the Commission with a favourable answer. The occurrence is taken very seriously by the Ministry, who has brought up the matter with the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi to demand an urgent investigation and response.

Combat between Celina and Umair

The actor added that she is fighting Umair not only because he has attacked her character, but also because he has “assaulted my integrity, my motherhood, my family, and most importantly, my God father and my beloved mentor Mr. Feroz Khan who is no longer in this world here to defend himself.” He served as my buddy, mentor, and advisor, and I will always be appreciative of the love, respect, and career he bestowed to me. As the daughter of a war hero from the Indian army, I was prepared to fight till the very end, even if it required travelling to Pakistan to reprimand the offender.

She then used the occasion to express her gratitude to NCW, in particular to Rekha Sharma and Kushbu Sundar. The minister and the Indian government were also honoured, she added, “because they upheld the pride of every Indian woman” by taking initiative. “Today, I’m proud to be an Indian woman. My father and four other generations of my family donated their blood for our country, and although though they are no longer with us, I am grateful to be treated as one of my country’s daughters, with the government acting as my protector and keeper. I want to thank all of my friends, my late father’s Indian army colleagues, the fantastic twitterati, the Indian media, and the press for their unflinching support throughout my suffering. a woman who is proud to be Indian. Jai Hind- She included.

In response to Celina, NCW

In response to Celina’s tweet, the NCW leader cautioned her to exercise caution. “Thank you Rekha ma’am, you are doing a wonderful job at @NCWIndia,” Celina replied back. Thank you so much, you and Ms. Khushsundar, for your unmatched efforts on behalf of women’s issues.

By Nishtha Dhoundiyal


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