CA Dr. Shankar Ghanshamdas Andani Shared his Valuable Insights About The Education System at the 2023 Business Conference

The 2023 Business Conference and Awards, organized by Fame Finders, took place at the India International Center in Delhi. Throughout the day-long event, speakers, policymakers, businessmen, investors, and participants from all over the country expressed their thoughts. The main objective of the event was to promote the G20 Summit being held in India and discuss contributions from the business community.

CA Dr. Shankar Ghanshamdas Andani graced the event with his presence and intellectual speech. He explained the importance of digital education which enables an effective learning process for students by enhancing engagement and concentration. It has helped foster the education system despite the worldwide pandemic. Dr. Andani shared how he observed the importance of digital learning, especially in the covid era, and realized it’s a vital key to the nation’s progress.

CA (Dr.) Shankar Ghanshyamdas Andani has 16 years of experience in Chartered Accountancy and has also been doing social service in association with social organizations for the past many years. Due to Dr. Andani’s interest in social work, he has been doing free tax and accounting consultancy work for more than 200 trusts, NGOs, temples, mosques, churches, etc. every year for the last 15 years.

Today, CA (Dr.) Shankar Ghanshyamdas Andani holds more than 40 world records and has been awarded 1480 national and international awards for social work. Dr. Andani works as an expert in economics in the country and has a significant contribution to ensuring the tradition of the economic system.

America International University has conferred Honorary Doctorate to CA Dr. Shankar Ghanshyamdas Andani in recognition of his extraordinary contributions in the fields of taxation, accounting, business administration, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship.


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