“Meet Somya Tiwari: A Young and Passionate Writer and Actor with Dreams of Serving Her Nation”

Somya Tiwari is a young and passionate individual born on November 10th, 2003, in Varanasi. Currently residing in Faridabad, Somya completed her studies from Modern School Faridabad and is now pursuing her graduation from Indra Gandhi Open University.

Somya has always been passionate about joining the Indian military and has given the NDA exam twice. Although she was not able to clear the exam, she is proud of what she learned and is determined to keep trying until she achieves her dream.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Somya discovered her passion for writing poetry. She found solace in expressing her emotions on paper and soon became a poet. Her passion for writing led her to win a poetry contest worth Rs. 5000 and publish her own book. Her book titled “Letter to BTS” is an expression of her feelings towards the boy band Bangtan Boys.

Somya is also keen on learning new languages and is currently working on her new book titled “The Beauty.” Her vision is to become a passionate writer, work with Bangtan Boys, and join the Indian military to serve her nation. She aspires to be named Lieutenant Somya and live and die for her country.

Somya’s mission is to live in the present, keep herself happy and passionate, identify her real self, and provide happiness and love to everyone around her. She loves Bangtan Boys, who helped her during her difficult times and made her believe that she is complete and loved. She also loves Col Rajeev Bharwan, who came into her life as a mentor but eventually became a father figure.

Somya’s sister, Ananya, holds a special place in her heart as she supported Somya during her tough times of depression. Somya loves painting, writing poetry, scripting, singing, learning new skills, and enjoying every moment of her life.

In conclusion, Somya Tiwari is a young and passionate individual who aspires to serve her nation, become a writer, and work with Bangtan Boys. Her journey towards achieving her dreams is an inspiration to many, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.


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