The Grand Success of Global Research Conferences (GRC) 2024 at New College, University of Oxford

New College, University of Oxford, UK, played host to the prestigious Global Research Conferences (GRC) 2024, from the 24th-26th March 2024. It brought together a diverse array of scholars, researchers, delegates and students from across the globe. The event served as a beacon of intellectual exchange, fostering discussions and collaborations aimed at addressing pressing global challenges.

With the overarching theme of “DIGITAL FUTURES: ADAPTING TO THE EVOLVING LEARNING LANDSCAPE: A MULTIDISCIPLINARY CONFERENCE,” GRC 2024 transcended geographical boundaries, offering a platform for participants from more than 70 countries to share insights, perspectives, and solutions to pressing global challenges. Representing nations including the UK, USA, Canada, Dubai, Germany, South Africa, India, Nigeria, Jamaica, Tajikistan, Philippines, France, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Uganda, Singapore, Malaysia, Spain, Bulgaria, and Mexico, the diverse array of attendees enriched the conference with their unique perspectives and experiences.

GRC 2024 was graced by esteemed dignitaries including:

Chief Guest

Cllr Lubna Arshad

Lord Mayor of Oxford

Inaugural Chief Guest

Mayor Cllr Ramji Chauhan

Worshipful the Mayor of Harrow

Special Guest 

Meena Chauhan

Madam Mayoress of Harrow

Inaugural Guest of Honour

BK Aruna Ladva


Valedictory Chief Guest

Cllr Shehryar Ahmad-Wallana

Worshipful the Mayor of Hillingdon 

Chief Guest (Virtual Conference)

Dr Anjula Murmu

Mentor: Sido Kanhu Murmu University

‘Staging Tomorrow: Digital Possibilities in British English Drama Pedagogy’

Special Guest (Virtual Conference)

Meeta Desai

Mentor & 21st-century skill enhancer

‘Social Care – Being Self-Empowered in today’s era by making your roots strong enough that no storm can uproot you’

The inaugural speakers who presented at GRC 2024 addressed the following topics:

Inaugural Speaker

Dr. Hari Krishna Maram

Founder: Global Economic Forum

‘Strategies for Organized Retailers to Compete Against E-Commerce in Digital Era’

Inaugural Speaker

Paul Fevens

Lay Minister: Anglican Church

Western Cultural Dichotomy: Greaco-Roman heritage challenges to modern Western Values’

Inaugural Speaker

Dr. S. Vikram Raju

Founder& Director: Indian Vedic School

‘Integrating Vedic Wisdom into Modern Education: A Path to Holistic Development’

Inaugural Speaker (Virtual Conference)

Dr Rajnish Verma

Engineer & Author

‘India’s Digital Vision : NEP 2020  Academic Landscape’

The Keynote Addresses were delivered by the following individuals, sharing insights on the topics as follows:

Keynote Address

 Prof. Dr. Parin Somani

Director: London Organisation of Skills Development

‘Embracing Digital Futures in Education: Adapting to the Evolving Learning Landscape’

Keynote Address

Prof. Hui Fang Huang (Angie) Su 

Professor: Department of Education Professor, Mathematics Education Fischler College of Education &School of Criminal Justice Nova Southeastern University

‘Bridging the Gender Gap in STEM Fields’

Student Speaker

Charlee Musiakiewicz 

Student: Nova Southeastern University

Assisted Prof. Hui Fang Huang (Angie) Su  in the Keynote Address 

Keynote Address (Virtual Conference)

Dr Manju Gupta

CEO Porteight Private Limited

‘Machine learning in automobile’

Preliminary Speaker

Dr. Yvette Wohn

Director: Social Interaction Lab

‘Content Moderation in Social Media’

LOSD Speaker

Nur Banu

Director: LOSD Skills Initiative 

‘Introduction to SkillFlex’

The Eminent Speakers of GRC 2024 spoke on diverse topics and included the following:

Eminent Speaker

Wani Iris Manly, Esq

Founder: House of Inspirational Business

‘CODE RED:  The Youth Mental Health Crisis in the Digital Age’

Eminent Speaker

B.K.Geeta Didi

Senior Raja Yoga Teacher

‘Transcending Boundaries: The Transformative Power of Rajyoga Meditation in Spiritual Education for Global Well-being’

Eminent Speaker

Dr Geeta Bora

Founder & Director, Spherule Foundation

‘Empowering Underprivileged Women: Catalyst for a Better World through Economic Advancement’

Eminent Speaker

Dr. Shilpa Sanjeev

Director: Skyscape Properties Ltd, UK

‘Startup Struggles – Challenges, Strategies, and Implications for Success’

Eminent Speaker

Nagendra Prasad Nonavinakere Anantharamaiah

Technology Consultant, Wipro

‘Specialising in Validation and Test Automation – Infotainment, Instrument Cluster and ADAS ECU Systems’

Eminent Speaker

Dr. Rishi Sharma

M.D: S.K.H Medical College 

‘India as emerging medical tourism spot for cancer immunotherapy for the reason of its well-researched technology, highly intellectual doctors, affordability, result output and infrastructure.’

Eminent Speaker

Dr. Rosy Gundra

Director: Sankalp Foundation

‘A Study of Mental Health of Rural Adolescents’

Eminent Speaker

Dr. Rituu Guptaa

Founder & Director,

‘Understanding the Surge of Mental and Psychological Disorders Among Today’s Youth: A Comprehensive Literature Review’

Eminent Speaker

Dr Manmeet Kumar

Spiritual Master, Founder & CEO: Soul Miracles

‘THE KALI CODE: Transforming the World through Divine Feminine Consciousness’

Eminent Speaker

Dr Leena Dhankhar

Chief Correspondent Hindustan Times

‘Tackling Illegal Immigration in India: Causes, Implications, and Solutions’

Eminent Speaker

Suchitra Mohanrao Joshi

Centre Head: TargetClose

‘Beyond Targets: Embracing the Journey to Success – Insights from the Bhagavad Gita’

Eminent Speaker

BK Dr. Triveni

Spiritual & Psychological Counsellor 

‘Positive lifestyle through positive thinking’

Eminent Speaker

Dr. Gondi Lata Lincoln

Founder & CEO: Faith Welfare Society

‘Assessing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Cognitive Evaluation (Academic Performance) in Sales Success: A Multifaceted Approach for Professional and Life Success’

Eminent Speaker

Martha Davidson

Founder: Mpowering Minds Now

Women Leaders and Neuroscience Leadership Mastery Post Pandemic

Eminent Speaker

Dr. Biju K Toms

Director (School of Commerce, Finance and Accountancy), CHRIST (Deemed To Be University)

‘Reimagining Excellence in Universities through Human Capital Development, Inclusive Governance and Meaningful Social Outreach’

Eminent Speaker

Dr. Thangjam Ravichandra

Director (Continuing Education), Alliance University

‘Feasibility of Monte Carlo Simulation for Predicting Equity Prices in Indian Stock Market Sectors’

Eminent Speaker

Priya Tyagi

Director: Rama overseas India

‘International Education’

Eminent Speaker

Manish Naidu

Founder: Brainwonders

‘Understanding Career Traits through Fingerprint Analysis’

Eminent Speaker

Nkechi Okorocha

Director: Mary Kay

‘Sustainable Business, Entrepreneurship Leadership, and Mitigating Climate Change’

Eminent Speaker

Dr. Bola Benson

Founder: Beyond Talent

‘Elevating Organizational Success: Unveiling the Power Beyond Talent’

Eminent Speaker

 Osagie Benson

Human Resource Management

‘Elevating Organizational Success: Unveiling the Power Beyond Talent’

Eminent Speaker

Yanick Séïde

Founder: Chrysalis Women Empowerment

‘Enhancing Adult Second Language Education: Exploring Innovative Methodologies Aligned with Foundational Principles’

Eminent Speaker

Omowunmi Olatokunboh Olunloyo

Coach & Food technologist

‘Digitalizing Home-Based Food Business’

Eminent Speaker (Virtual Conference)

Dr. Beema Jainab S.I

Associate Professor

‘Organic Lip Balm Formulation and Evaluation: A Comprehensive Study’

Eminent Speaker

Dr. Ismatara Reena

Assistant Professor: University of Louisiana

‘Marijuana Use and Co-Occurring Depression and Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) among Adolescent in the United States: A Secondary Data Analysis of the 2021 National Survey of Drug Use and Health (NSDUH)’

Student Speaker (Virtual Conference)

Avirat Jain

Young CEO: BizAlchemy

‘Comprehensive Analysis of Microplastic Pollution from Tire Wear: Sources, Properties, Consequences, and Sustainable Solutions’

Student Speaker (Virtual Conference)

Ms. Kanika Chawla

Founder & Director: The Popsicles Early Learning

‘Mental Health & Early Childhood’

GRC 2024 was hosted by the following:

Host (Virtual Conference)

Lady Ejiro Daniel


Grant Murrell


H.E Prof Dr Pauline Long


Wani Iris Manly, Esq

In recognition of their profound impact on society, each distinguished speaker was honoured with a GRC 2024 trophy, symbolising their contributions to positive change and societal advancement. As we reflect on the grand success of GRC 2024 at New College, University of Oxford, let us look forward to future Global Research Conferences, where the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and global engagement continues to thrive, inspiring us to push the boundaries of knowledge and creativity for the betterment of humanity.

GRC is committed to advancing research and fostering global collaboration for sustainable development. By providing a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and research dissemination, GRC aims to address contemporary challenges and shape a brighter future for generations to come. As delegates departed from New College, University of Oxford, they carried with them not only newfound knowledge and insights but also a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to breaking barriers and building bridges across the globe.The next GRC 2024 will be held at Cambridge University, UK 7th -10th August 2024. The Conference Theme is ‘Sustainability and Resilience in a Changing World’.  Abstract submission will commence on 15th April 2024. Please submit your abstracts to and ‘Ignite Your Passion For Sharing Research’.


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