4,435 New cases of Covid reported in India today, 46% higher from yesterday.

As of Wednesday morning, the health ministry’s data revealed that India had experienced a massive 46% increase in its daily Covid cases, bringing the total to 44,733,719 cases. 3,038 new infections were recorded in the preceding twenty-four hours.

In terms of immunization, more than 2.2 billion doses of Covid vaccines have already been given out, 1,979 of which were given out in the previous day. On January 16, 2021, the nationwide immunisation campaign had started.

Cases are increasing in states.

Daily cases have increased recently in a number of states. For instance, Maharashtra recorded 186% more cases on Monday than it did the day before, with 711 people having test findings that were positive. On the other side, 521 new infections were reported in Delhi.

Following a recent spike in Covid cases, both the central government and state administrations have urged the public to exercise caution.


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