Mahavir Jayanti – A Day To Inculcate Patience

A person becomes ascetic with the sheer combination of Parity, Celibacy, and Knowledge. With these motivational words,* Lord Mahavir[15] united the entire human race*. He taught the important principles of humanity and compassion with ‘Aaye tule Payasu’ – Treat others as self-comparable.

Lord Mahavir was born in the kingdom known as Kundalpur, which was situated in the northern part of Bharat Kshetra amidst the vast Jambudip. Maharaja Siddhartha and Maharani Trishala were blessed with Mahavir on Chaitra Shukla Trayodasi, Monday, 599 BCE. He was named Vardhmaan due to the unexpected accession of thanksgiving in the kingdom. His other names were Gyanputra, Videha, Vaishalikk, Sanmati, Ativeer, Kashyap, and Devarya.

The beacon of light, truth, and justice was born to change the destiny of the era. Attaining endearment, Shraman Vardhman with his limitless practice and unprecedented renunciation achieved a divine position and became the Lord. He attained moksha (Salvation) in the 6th century BC by rendering the great principles of ahimsa (non-violence), satya (truth), asteya (non-stealing),  brahmacharya (chastity), aparigraha (non-attachment), and Anekantavada (many-sided reality): syadvada and nayavada. This made him the 24th Trithankara of Jainism.

The sufferings of 23 Arhat, Nirganth, and Jain tradition Trithankaras were on one side and the sufferings of the 24th Jain Trithankara (Mahavir) were on another side. His practice consisted of severe prefixes and deathly suffering. Amidst the horrific sufferings, Mahavir’s meditation, silence, and penance kept his soul alive. Finally, on the day of Baishakhshukla Dashami, he reached the thirteenth role of self-development, where knowledge, sightseeing, and inner bondage were completely broken. Twelve years and seven months of spiritual practice came to an end, and Mahavir accomplished eternal wisdom, eternal philosophy, everlasting joy, and power.

He became a visionary rather than a philosopher, and philosophy and religion reflected in the mirror of his omnipotent experience. The life of the learned God became the Alokpunj, under whose guidance thousands of sages and millions of people made their life successful by learning Tatvagyaan.
With a hunger strike on the night of_ Kartik Krishna[11] Trayodasi_, he gave his last sermon to which the devotees assimilated well into their lives. Hence, the day started to be celebrated as Dhanya Trayodashi meaning ‘Dhanteras’.

Mahavir’s principles are not outdated even today. According to him, religion is a personal element that stays in a sacred heart only. Community is just for the development of religion. Opposing animal slaughter, he said that just as blood-stained cloth cannot be cleansed with blood, similarly, violence cannot lead to religion. There is no alternative to chastity. Women equality’s powerful supporter Lord Mahveer opposed Daspratha (Slavery).

Lord Mahavir taught non-violent behavior, thoughtfulness, speech, and social renunciation to the entire human race. In the present context, whether the goal is happiness, self-purification, healing, or of liberation from Corona Virus, his teachings act as an elixir of life. Overall, this 2619 Mahavir Jayanti awakens the need to take an oath for Chastity.

Best Regards,
Dr. Kusum Lunia
B-66, Surya nagar,
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