Over 200 tourists and residents of Himachal Pradesh are left stranded by a flash flood.

According to authorities, a flash flood has left over 200 people, including tourists and residents, stuck in the Bagipul area of Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi district.

According to Sanjeev Sood, DSP Padhar of the Mandi District Police, “Flash flood has hit the Bagipul area of Mandi district near Prashar Lake, with over 200 people, including tourists and locals, stranded near Baggi Bridge on Mandi Prashar Road.”

DSP Sood added that residents of the area are being moved to safer locations.

The Mandi police reported that a flood caused by a cloudburst at the Baghi bridge in Mandi had forced the closure of the route going to Parashar ahead of Kamand.

The police further stated that numerous vehicles returning from Parashar and a bus carrying students from Chamba became trapped. According to the police, “Facilities have been set up for their overnight stay as there is no chance of the road opening tonight.”

Between Charmile and Satmile on the Pandoh-Mandi NH in the state, numerous landslides have taken place.

The National Highway has been closed and will take some time to reopen, according to the police.

The officers stated that “small vehicles from Kullu pass through Chail Chowk from Pandoh towards Sunder Nagar Chandigarh to Ner Chowk.”

The Mandi-Kullu route via Katola, which is now closed owing to a significant landslip near Kamand, is anticipated to reopen tomorrow, according to the police.

There will be no work at night and the Mandi-Kullu route via Katola is currently closed owing to a significant landslip near Kamand. It is anticipated to reopen tomorrow. Due to the landslip that occurred behind them as well, some 25 to 30 automobiles are stranded between one location and another. The Mandi police continued, “Arrangements are being made for the people to remain, and work is being done to remove the debris overnight.

After nonstop rain, Kangra City in Himachal has experienced waterlogging in some areas.

In the meantime, the Mandi police issued a notification notifying people that the Mandi-Kullu National Highway has been shut due to extreme weather, including flash floods and constant rain in Khoti Nala near Aut.

“This highway’s alternative routes are likewise shut. Additionally closed is the Mandi-Joginder Nagar Highway. The general public and travellers using these highways are warned to avoid staying on the roadways next to mountains since there is a significant risk of landslides and rock falls, according to the police.

The announcement indicates that the route will probably open tomorrow. It is urged that those who are stranded on either side turn around and make the appropriate preparations to spend the night in adjacent towns.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) Himachal Pradesh earlier on Sunday issued a 24-hour flash flood risk warning.

The IMD additionally issued a weather alert for the state for the following five days.

On June 25 and 26, there is a chance of isolated areas of heavy rain, thunderstorms, and lightning over plains and low to mid hills. According to the weather service, flash floods are likely to happen in the districts of Kangra, Mandi, and Solan due to clogged roads, low visibility, and interruptions in the electricity supply.

It said, “Damage may occur to standing crops, fruit plants, and new seedlings. We advise farmers to make proper preparations to avoid the effects of rain. Farmers are encouraged to take the necessary precautions to prevent the new plants from being damaged directly by rain, thunder, and lightning. It is suggested that farmers reschedule their pesticide application.

Significantly, the nonstop rain over the past 24 hours has severely damaged many areas of Mandi. Due to a sudden flood in a watercourse near Janjheli in the Mandi district, several vehicles were washed away.

Additionally, the Beas River, which flows through Mandi, has more water in it now because of the persistent rains in the mountainous regions. Mandi received 64.4 mm of rain in the previous day.

The intense rains caused significant damage in other areas of the state as well. Shimla, the nation’s capital, witnessed a cloudburst among the heavy rain.


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