Under the northern lights, Indians perform Garba in Alaska.

One of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world is seeing the brilliant Aurora Borealis, also referred to as the northern lights. People journey great distances to see the green, blue, and purple lights spread across the sky, stopping in places like Alaska, Iceland, Norway, and Greenland.

A party of tourists recently had the good fortune to see an incredible display of the northern lights in Alaska. As the northern lights shone above them, they joyfully performed the Gujarati folk dance known as Garba to commemorate the occasion.

An Instagram user going by the handle @the_binary_traveller captured this moment on video and posted it on March 26.

While sharing the video, @the_binary_traveller wrote, “Garba is as important as Northern Lights 😌 #gujju #northernlights #relatable #funny #garba #reelsviral #aurora #garbalover #gujarati #alaska #fairbanks #travelreels”. So far the video has gathered over 59,000 likes.

A Twitter user commented on it, “Best thing on the internet today”. Another person said, “Best garba location… Plus it will keep you warm.”

The best time to catch the northern lights in the Arctic areas is between late September to early April.

A newly engaged couple was able to observe the northern lights in February of this year on their journey from Reykjavik to Manchester after their pilot made a special 360-degree turn in the sky so that the passengers could observe the northern lights emerging through their plane window.


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