BJP leader Nitin Gadkari resigning from politics? Modi’s official said the following.

Gadkari’s recent comments were interpreted as a sign that the powerful politician from Nagpur with links to the RSS was thinking about retiring from active politics.

On Thursday, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari denied media speculation that he would leave politics and urged fair reporting on the subject. When questioned about the rumors that he would be leaving politics, the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways was speaking with the media about the development of the Mumbai-Goa National Highway (NH-66) in Ratnagiri.

“I have no intentions of retiring from politics, and the media must uphold responsible journalism in their reporting on this matter,” the minister said, days after he hinted at his political unhappiness.

On Sunday, Gadkari shocked many in the political world when he declared that he had accomplished a great deal in his career and that it would be okay if people did not vote for him because he preferred to devote more time to projects involving soil conservation, climate change, and unused land. The minister said there is plenty of room for experimentation in fields like water conservation, tackling climate change, and making use of unused territory while speaking at an award ceremony in Nagpur.

“I like to do them and sometimes do them forcefully. I have already told people it’s enough now; vote for me if you agree and don’t if you think otherwise,” Gadkari said.

“I am in no mood for buttering (them) up. If you like me, it is okay, or someone else will come (in my place). In fact, I want to spend more time on these works (related to water conservation, climate change, and use of wasteland)” he added.

His comments were interpreted as a sign that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) strongman from Nagpur is dissatisfied with the recent deterioration in relations with the BJP’s upper brass. Gadkari was removed from the BJP’s top decision-making group last year, while Devendra Fadnavis, the deputy chief minister, and a few others were added to the central election committee.

However, a close aide to Gadkari cautioned against making unwarranted inferences from his remark.

“He clearly said that the people would vote for him if they liked his work. This line clarifies that he is not planning to retire,” he said, adding, “What he meant to say was that his life’s mission was to work for the cause of farmers and it would not be affected even if he failed to get elected again.”


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