Delhi Power Subsidy Ends Today, AAP and Lt. Governor Starts Blaming Each Other

The power subsidy for the national capital’s around 46 lakh residents will terminate as of Friday, according to the Delhi administration, because Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena has not yet approved the paperwork to continue the subsidy to consumers.

“Starting today, we will discontinue providing subsidies to 46 lakh people. People will start receiving inflated bills without subsidies from Monday, Delhi Power Minister Atishi announced at a press briefing.

The AAP government decided to keep the subsidy in place for the upcoming year, but that file is still with Delhi LG and hasn’t been returned, she continued.

She stated that she requested a five-minute meeting with Mr. Saxena to talk about the electricity subsidy but hasn’t heard back in more than a day.

For those who use 200 units or less of electricity each month, Delhi’s AAP administration offers free electricity. A 50% subsidy up to a maximum of 850 is given to those who consume 201 to 400 units.

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister, declared last year that only customers who request for a subsidy will receive one. Over 48 lakh of the more than 58 lakh home consumers have requested power subsidies, according to government statistics.

In its budget for 2023–2024, the AAP government has set aside 3,250 crore for power subsidies.


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