Examining the AAP’s national status issue, says Election Commission

On Wednesday, the Election Commission declared that it was looking into the matter of giving the Aam Aadmi Party national status.

“It is under review… We will soon come back to you,” Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar told a press conference here when asked about the issue.

The Arvind Kejriwal-led party’s success in last year’s elections made it possible for the Election Commission to acknowledge it as a national party.

According to the Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment) order of 1968, a political organization must be acknowledged as a state party in four states and have a minimum of two representatives in each state’s legislature to qualify as a national party.

Additionally, a political group must obtain two seats and receive a minimum of 6% of the state’s votes in order to be eligible to be recognized as the state party.

Other requirements must be met in order to qualify as a national organization.

Gujarat, Goa, Delhi, Punjab, and Punjab have all acknowledged the AAP as a state party.

In Punjab, where there are 117 assembly positions, the AAP swept to power in last year’s state assembly elections, winning 92 of them. In any case, the state had already acknowledged it as a state party.

It won two seats in Goa and received a 6.77 percent vote share total, earning it recognition as a state party in the coastal state.

The AAP gained five seats and a total vote share of 13% in the Gujarat assembly elections by the end of 2022, which was enough for the AAP to be recognized as the state party. This gave wings to the AAP’s national ambitions.


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