In Response To Rahul Gandhi’s “Muslim League Is Secular” Remark, Kiren Rijiju Said It Was “Unfortunate”

According to Union Minister Kiren Rijiju, it is “extremely unfortunate” that some citizens of the nation “still consider the person who supports the Muslim League as Secular.” Rijiju was criticizing Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his “completely secular” comments on the Indian Muslim League party.

Additionally, Kiren Rijiju questioned how the Muslim League, which was “responsible” for the partition of India along religious lines, could be a secular organization.

Taking to Twitter, the BJP leader said, “Jinnah’s Muslim League is a secular party? The party responsible for India’s partition on religious lines is a secular party? Extremely unfortunate that some people in India still consider the person who supports the Muslim League as Secular!”

The Congress-led UDF in Kerala is supported by the Indian Union Muslim League. Before being expelled from Congress, Rahul Gandhi served as the Lok Sabha representative for Wayanad.

Rahul Gandhi stated, “Muslim League is a completely secular party,” in response to a query regarding Congress’ alliance with the Muslim League during his appearance at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Nothing about Muslim League is non-secular. I believe the sender of the question is unaware of the Muslim League.

Gandhi is currently traveling in the US.

Rahul Gandhi has come under fire from the BJP for his remark that he dubbed the Muslim League a “secular party” due to the Congressman’s need to maintain his popularity in Wayanad.

Rahul Gandhi claims that Jinnah’s Muslim League, the organisation in charge of dividing India along religious lines, is a’secular’ party. Despite his terrible reading skills, Rahul Gandhi is just being deceptive and evil here.Amit Malviya, a BJP leader, remarked in a tweet that it is also his obligation to maintain his popularity in Wayanad.


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