‘People with baadshahi mentality now threaten to dig my kabar.’: PM Modi

On the occasion of the BJP’s foundation day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to party members on Thursday. He said the party was motivated by Lord Hanuman and his “can-do” mentality. PM Modi declared, “Like Hanumanji fought the rakshasas, we will fight corruption and dynasty politics strongly,” as Hanuman Jayanti was observed across the nation. According to PM Modi, “BJP is such a party that considered the nation’s interest as higher than anything.”

Social justice is not a political slogan for the BJP, PM Modi said adding that in the past years, many political parties did politics over justice. “The leaders of these parties only worked for the family’s good. But for BJP, there is no discrimination,” PM Modi said.

Calling BJP the founder of a new political culture, PM Modi said, “What is the culture of the Congress? Only dynasty politics. In contrast, BJP’s political culture is to take everyone along, to dream big and achieve bigger.”

“What happened in 2014 was not a mere change of guard in India. But India heralded a new age coming out of the centuries of slavery. The British left the country in 1947, but left the mentality of slavery in some people. They nurture a baadshahi mentality and consider the people of the country as their ‘ghulam’,” PM Modi said.

“When I talked about Swachh Bharat, these baadshahi-mentality people criticised me. They made fun and questioned my idea of ‘digital India’. They did not even think that Article 370 will be a thing of the past. They could not digest how BJP achieved those things which they could not do for years. And now they are just spreading lies,” PM Modi said.

“They are so desperate now that they openly say Modi teri kabar khudegi. But I want to say that these people will keep on conspiring against us but they don’t know that poor, deprived, dalits, tribals are protecting ‘lotus’,” PM Modi said.

Talking about the future of the party, PM Modi said technology will play an important role in the coming days as social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are very popular among the youth.

“BJP should not limit itself to winning elections; we will have to win people’s hearts,” PM Modi said.


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