PM Modi said during a rally in Bidar, “Congress insulted me 91 times.”

By giving a speech at a public gathering in Bidar district on Saturday morning, PM Modi advanced the BJP’s campaign in Karnataka, which is close to holding elections.

While on a two-day visit to the state, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold six public meetings and two roadshows as part of the BJP’s campaign in Karnataka, which is close to holding elections.

On Saturday morning, he arrived at the Humnabad neighbourhood of the Bidar district to give his first public speech of the day. There, he stated that the next election on May 10 is not just about winning but also about moving the state to the top of the nation.

He addressed the recent controversy surrounding Congress chairman Mallikarjun Kharge’s remark about him being a “poisonous snake” and claimed that the Congress had mistreated him “91 times” when speaking in Humnabad.

“Earlier, too, I had Bidar’s blessing. Making Karnataka the top state in the nation is the goal of this election, not merely winning. The state can only develop after all of its components are ready. The outcome of this election will determine the state’s function, and in order to make it the most significant, double engine government is crucial, he continued.

He also repeatedly emphasised the necessity of a “double engine” administration, claiming that foreign investment had tripled in the state during the BJP’s rule compared to the Congress’. The state is seeing double development at double speed. Karnataka is prepared for another BJP administration. The farmers and citizens of Karnataka have received nothing but false promises from Congress. State farmers have not benefited from any government policies under the Congress.

Additionally, he claimed that the Congress had halted state development. “The struggles and suffering of the poor will never be understood by Congress. The pace of these houses was restrained by Congress. However, the BJP here allowed women to own homes. Congress merely engaged in political appeasement. Karnataka suffered under the Congress-led administration. Congress doesn’t care about the citizens of the state; it simply cares about seats. Congress has halted state development, he claimed.

In addition, PM Modi has appointments in Vijaypura and Kudachi in Belagavi. He will then travel to Bengaluru, the state capital, for a roadshow later today. To prevent traffic jams and assure the Prime Minister’s safety, Bengaluru traffic police issued a traffic advice.


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