Sources: Opposition Front INDIA intends to move a no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha.

According to sources, the opposition coalition INDIA is preparing to submit a no-confidence petition against the government in the Lok Sabha as the government plans a significant legislative push in the Parliament to break the impasse over Manipur in both houses.

According to sources, the administration would now insist on finishing its legislative work because it does not anticipate the opposition to back down from its demand that Prime Minister Narendra Modi address the Manipur matter in parliament. If a bill needs to be passed through controversy, it will, according to sources.

This morning, Prime Minister Modi presided over a BJP parliamentary gathering and ripped into the opposition. He reportedly said, “I’ve never seen such a directionless opposition,” according to party sources. The PM reportedly argued that simply having “India” in a name is meaningless, noting that both the East India Company and the Indian Mujahideen have names that include the country.

Since Friday night, a handful of opposition members of parliament have been demonstrating in front of Mahatma Gandhi’s monument at Parliament House over the disruption of the monsoon session for a third straight day.

The Congress claimed on Monday that the government’s “continued refusal” to accept INDIA’s demand for PM Modi to make a “comprehensive statement” in both chambers of parliament over the Manipur crisis was the reason why parliament remained inactive for a third day.


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