Vijay Shivtare invites Ajit Pawar to join the Shinde-led Sena.

Ajit Pawar was invited to join the Shiv Sena group led by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde on Sunday amid rumours that the leader of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) will team up with the BJP to form the government as he did in 2019. The former Maharashtra deputy chief minister was reportedly restless in the NCP, according to Shivtare, who is currently touring Baramati and other areas in western Maharashtra.

“Ajit Pawar is a powerful politician. He is the only person who works in the NCP. Everybody else is a bandit group. While Uddhav Thackeray stayed at home during the MVA government, he completed all of the tasks. He’s in the incorrect party. I’m anticipating Pawar’s exit from the party. The Shiv Sena is a local party, whereas the BJP is an international organisation. We would be overjoyed if he joined the Shiv Sena. He is actually welcome here in the Shiv Sena. Maharashtra politics will undergo a significant change if he visits, Shivtare said.

Ajit Pawar has previously been offered the position of chief minister by Union minister Ramdas Athawale in exchange for joining the BJP.

Shivtare claimed that Ajit had chosen to align himself with the BJP in 2019 and be sworn in on his own initiative, not at someone else’s direction. I don’t think he formed forces with the BJP and then returned because someone told him to. He went there because he was restless and felt that what was happening in the NCP was wrong. Nobody would appreciate it, he said, if Ajit joined the BJP.

Gulabrao Patil, a state minister and Shinde Sena leader, also made a suggestion that Ajit would join the Sena-BJP coalition. Many legislators support Ajit Pawar. The actual NCP is him. Everything has its proper time, according to Patil.


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