After pond leakage, 2 villages in Madhya Pradesh’s Damoh District were evacuated.

Following a leak in the water body, residents of two villages near a pond in Madhya Pradesh’s Damoh district have been relocated to safer areas, officials said on Tuesday.
According to tehsildar Monika Baghmare, the measure was initiated when it was learned on Monday that there had been a leak in the Poudi pond.

Locals stated that on Tuesday morning, the leakage worsened and caused flooding in the villages of Poudi and Jetgarh.

After receiving the report on Monday, the tehsildar claimed she went to the location with representatives from the Water Resource Department and discovered that water flow from the leak in the pond was escalating.

The inhabitants of the villages of Poudi and Jetgarh were evacuated as per the instructions of the district collector, Mayank Agrawal, she claimed.

The villagers, according to Mr. Agrawal, were relocated to safer places.


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