At the Jharkhand Muharram Procession, electrocution caused 4 fatalities and 10 injuries.

In the Bokaro region of Jharkhand, four persons were murdered and ten others were hurt this morning when they came into contact with a high-tension wire while getting ready for a Muharram procession, according to authorities.

According to Bokaro Superintendent of Police Priyadarshi Alok, the event happened in Khetko village inside the boundaries of Petarwar Police Station, around 80 kilometres from the state capital Ranchi. It happened when their holy banner, which was made of iron, came into touch with a live wire.

“The event happened early on Saturday morning as they were getting ready for a Muharram parade. They were holding a flag with an iron pole that represented their religion. A high-tension electric cable carrying 11,000 volts accidentally got into contact with it, the Superintendent of Police informed Press Trust of India.

Eight of them were sent to the Bokaro General Hospital, where four of them died from their wounds and three others were listed in critical condition, the officer added.


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