CA (Dr.) Shankar Ghanshamdas Andani has set a new world record in Asia Book of World Records.

Dr. Shankar Andani

CA (Dr.) Shankar Ghanshamdas Andani, an Ahmednagar personality who already achieved several records at the national & international level, has added another achievement to his profile by registering a new Aisa Book of Records in the accounting profession.

Andani is a recipient of the India Book of Records and Asia Book of World Records. He is the first and only Chartered Accountant to hold a world record in the accounting field. CA (Dr.) Shankar Ghanshamdas Andani is the famous Chartered Accountant and social activist in Ahmednagar Maharashtra. He has done free tax and accounting consultancy work for a total of 364 social trusts, NGOs, temples, mosques, churches, etc. societies in the financial year 2022.

On getting registered in the Asia Book of World Records, he said “Talent knows no bounds, knowledge is not restricted to one place or cast, and complete commitment is also required to evaluate a certain thing”

CA (Dr.) Shankar Ghanshyamdas Andani holds more than 40 world records and has been awarded 1480 national and international awards for social work. Dr. Shankar Andani works as an expert in economics and taxation in the country and has a significant contribution to ensuring the tradition of the economic system.

For the last 16 years, CA Shankar Andani audited many social institutions and religious places like temples, mosques, churches, etc., which generally did not have an account, he audited them and is paying the appropriate income tax for these institutions. His service is playing a significant role in the progress of the country.

A Chartered Accountant and Social Activist by profession, CA Shankar Ghanshamdas Andani runs the name Saai & Co., a Chartered Accountants firm, with its office located in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. In 2006, when he was still practicing, he passed the CA exam. Before joining Chartered Accountants, he worked as an Assistant Professor in the Post Graduate Course in Taxation.

Due to his hard work and dedication, the Collector Office, District Disaster Management Office, and Municipal Corporation have entrusted important works to Sai & Company. Gaining in-depth knowledge of taxation in International Taxation, he was appointed as an Income Tax and GST Consultant for Shri Sai Baba Trust, Shirdi-(No.2 Charitable Trust in India), which he has been doing for the last 15 years.

Every year the Reserve Bank of India is making the categorization of CA firms as per their practice work and experience, they have 1 to 4 categories.

Their firm is RBI Empanelled ”Category” I” C.A. Firm. In the State Level Corporation department, which controls cooperative banks, credit societies, and other cooperative Milk and housing societies, this government office also make categorization of CA firms as per their practice work and experience, they have A to D categories, and their firm is Empanelled “Category “A-1” C.A. Firm.

He is working as an Income Tax and GST consultant and Advisor for Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation for the last 16 years and Zila Parishad, Different Panchayat Samite and Newasa Nagar Panchayat, other offices, and collector office.

CA. (Dr.) Shankar Andani is a very diligent and committed professional and a social worker with knowledge in assisting clients with building coping mechanisms to address life challenges and growth in their financial sector. His major focus in life is how to make earnings, Increase savings and increase the wealth of every person for future secureness in this uncertain life.

He never hesitates to help others. His main objective is to improve everyone’s life to recover from poverty and to give the best education to all needy people as education changes the living style.

His firm is AN ISO 9001-2008, Recognized only in Ahmednagar District in Maharashtra, doing the work assignment in all government offices. He is also working as Income Tax and GST Tax of Shri Saibaba Sans than Trust, Shirdi, for the last 14 years. He is also running Gaushala for the last two years and is also associated with more than ten charitable trusts for doing charitable and religious work.

Achievements of CA. (Dr.) Shankar Andani

  1. Best CA For The Year 2022 From Oasis World Records
  2. Bhartiya Seva Ratna Award From Global Scholar Foundation
  3. Honorary Doctorate Award From International Thiophani University.
  4. Honorary Doctorate Award From Magic Books Of Record
  5. Honorary Doctorate From World Human Right Protection Commission
  6. Human Right Nobel Award From Global Human Right Trust.
  7. Best Corporate Mentor For The Year 2022 Award From the National Institute Of Skill Training
  8. Selected For 100 Powerful Personalities 2022 By Glantor X Media.
  9. National Pride Award 2022 From International Achievement Of India.
  10. Indian International Achievement Award 2022
  11. Youth Ikon Of The Year From Vibrant Foundation
  12. International Social Honorable Award From World Charity Welfare Foundation.
  13. Global Professional Award From Red Inno
  14. Bhartiya Ekta Samman Award.
  15. TPL Techno Business Award 2022
  16. Indian CSR Award 2022
  17. International Glory Award 2022
  18. Indian Icon Award
  19. Indian International Achievement Award- Social Work In Professional Services
  20. Prabhat Gaurav Sanman From Wac Books Of Record.
  21. Rashtriya Pratishthan Puraskar- From Worthy Wellness Foundation.
  22. Nelson Mandela Global Brilliant Award- 2022
  23. Avishkar Achievers Award- Best Teaching Field Director.
  24. Asian Excellent Awards For Educationalist
  25. Prithvi Ratna Award From The International Human Rights And Crime Control Council
  26. Pride Of India Award From Mera Bharat Educational Trust.
  27. Bharat Bhushan Award- By National Anti-Harassment Foundation.
  28. Gaurav Shree Sanman By Global Youth Achievement.
  29. ISST Icon Award- 2022 By Indian Social Service Trust.
  30. Hindustan Ratna Award
  31. Mahatma Gandhi Seva Ratna Award.

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