CA Shankar Ghanshamdas Andani of Ahmednagar was honored with the ‘Brand of Maharashtra Jeevan Gaurav Award’.

Ahmednagar: The Brand of Maharashtra Jeevan Gaurav Award is given every year by Kolhapur-based Dhamma Charitable Trust Secular Progressive Front organization to a person who has dedicated himself to social work and has made a selfless contribution to the propagation of Dhamma thought.

CA Shankar Ghanshamdas Andani of Ahmednagar was awarded the prestigious Brand of Maharashtra Jeevan Gaurav Award this year. In this function, CA Shankar Andani donated books worth lakhs of rupees for the education of needy and orphan children.

Former MP Jogendra Kawade, Marathi film actor Milind Shinde, senior thinker Suresh Waghmare, Pro. CA Shankar Andani was honored with the award in the presence of Kisanrao Kurhade, Bacharam Kamble, Karuna Vimal, and Anil Mahmane.

Satyashodhak Dhamma Parishad has organized this event on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Lord Gautam Buddha. On this occasion, a prize distribution ceremony was organized in the presence of Dhamma intellectuals.

Certificates, Rs.10,000 in cash, and literary books worth Rs.15,000 were awarded as prizes. CA Shankar Andani’s book was also published in this program. CA Shankar Andani presented various books worth about one lakh rupees from Granth Tula for the education of needy and orphan children. The prize money was given to the social workers of the Film Club Social Organization.

The guests appreciated the social work and generosity of CA Shankar Andani and said that few people saved society by giving selfless contributions. He said Andani’s personality would become a role model and inspiration for society.

CA Shankar Andani has been doing social work for many years. He has been doing audit work of about 364 temples, religious schools, social institutions, churches, mosques, etc. social institutions for the last fifteen years. He is also guiding various social organizations. He is assisting in maintaining the financial records properly and doing the paperwork in the government offices.

Andani is a CA and tax advisor to Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust (Shirdi) and Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation for the last fifteen years. He is also working as an auditor and tax consultant for several governments and banks. He has also previously received the Medal of Excellence, the highest international award from the Office of the United Nations. Also, his name is registered in a total of 41 world records including India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records. He has received more than one and a half thousand national and international awards.

MP Sadashiv Lokhande, MLA Arun Jagtap, MLA Sangram Jagtap, MLA Nilesh Lanka, MLA Rohit Pawar, former MLA Vijay Auti, Mayor Rohini Shendge, Municipal Commissioner Pankaj Jawale, former Mayor Bhagwan Phoolsounder, Babasaheb Wakle, Surekha Kadam of Shiv Sena. City President Sambhaji Kadam, Hamal Panchayat President Avinash Ghule, Councilor Balasaheb Borate, Datta Kavre, Paresh Lokhande, Sanjay Chopra, Ahmednagar Sindhi Samaj President Mahesh Madhyan, etc. congratulated CA Shankar Andani.


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