DMRC responds; Man arrested after viral Delhi Metro masturbation video.

After receiving a notice over the “disgusting and sickening” incident from the head of the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), Swati Maliwal, the Delhi Police have opened an investigation into a viral video showing a man apparently masturbating on a Delhi Metro.

The frightening video, which has gone popular on social media, appears to show a young man allegedly masturbating on the Delhi Metro while others around him are plainly uncomfortable and moving away. He is seen watching something on a mobile device. Another traveller who witnessed the assault and recorded it on film did not step in to stop the offender.

Maliwal responded to the incident by stating that she has given the Delhi Police and Delhi Metro notice to take harsh action for the “shameful act.”

“I found a popular video of a man brazenly masturbating in the Delhi Metro. It is utterly abhorrent and sickening. To guarantee the harshest response against this despicable crime, I am sending a letter to Delhi Metro and the Delhi Police, Maliwal tweeted.

By May 1, the DCW is requesting a copy of the FIR filed in the case and a thorough action taken report.

According to a senior police officer, the police have taken action on their own and have filed a case under section 294 (obscene acts and songs) of the IPC. The matter was the subject of an investigation.

“More and more such cases are coming to light in the Delhi Metro, and exemplary action needs to be taken against such persons so that women’s safety is ensured in the metro,” Maliwal added.

In a tweet posted on Friday, the DMRC stated that it would “intensify” the use of flying squads in the metro.

We kindly ask commuters to act properly when using the metro. The DMRC Helpline should be immediately notified if any other commuters observe any offensive behaviour, providing details such as the corridor, station, time, etc.

DMRC stated that it would increase the number of flying squads made up of Metro and security personnel to monitor such behaviour in the Metro and that any required legal action would be taken.


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