‘He fell ill, lost 7-8 kilos..’: Hardik Pandya on Yash Dayal post Rinku hit him for 5 sixes

In the days following Rinku Singh’s five sixes in an over to lead Kolkata Knight Riders to victory, Gujarat Titans’ Yash Dayal had to endure his darkest night.

The left-arm pacer’s cricket career has now encountered an unforeseen snag since not only did he lose his spot in the starting lineup, but his mental and physical health also significantly declined.

Yash Dayal of the Gujarat Titans had to experience his darkest night in the days that followed Rinku Singh’s five sixes in an over that helped Kolkata Knight Riders win.

The left-arm pacer’s cricket career has now hit an unanticipated stop after not only losing his berth in the starting lineup but also suffering drastically worsened mental and physical health.

Enquired about Dayal during the post-match show on Star Sports, Hardik said, “I can’t confirm that (on his chances of Yash Dayal playing again this season). He fell ill and lost 7-8 kilos after that match. There was a spread of viral infection during that period and also due to the pressure he had faced, his condition is presently not good enough to take the field. Someone’s loss is someone’s gain at the end of the day. It is going to take a long time before we see him on the field.”

Dayal took 11 wickets in 9 games during the 2022 IPL season, however in the three matches he participated, the 25-year-old failed to take a single wicket.

Dayal’s mother had also been affected by the previous KKR game; she had stopped eating for a couple of days after witnessing her son being put to the cleaners by Rinku Singh. Although his father encouraged his son to mount a successful comeback.

“These are the moments sport is made up of. Even in life, you come across failures, it’s important to stand up stronger,” Chandrapal, Yash’s father said.


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