Night Attack On Madhya Pradesh Toll Plaza, 2 Drown In Well While Fleeing

When two workers at a Madhya Pradesh toll plaza were attacked by masked gunmen, purportedly over a disagreement over toll taxes, they fell into a well and drowned while trying to save themselves. Yesterday, the bodies of Shivaji Kandele of Nagpur and Srinivas Parihar of Agra were pulled from the well.

According to the police, the incident happened on Tuesday night about ten o’clock. Unsettling CCTV footage captured at the Dagrai toll plaza on National Highway – 44 shows four bikes being ridden by masked men in close proximity to the toll booths. After that, they begin to kick at toll booth doors, and some of them are able to get inside. The attackers are seen destroying computers, assaulting the employees of the toll plaza, and attempting to drag them outside.

The staff, it is learnt, ran into the adjoining field to save their lives when the assailants started firing in the air. As they ran, Parihar and Kandele fell into an uncovered well right behind the office and drowned.

On April 1, the toll plaza contract between Jhansi and Gwalior was transferred to a new contractor. It has been discovered that some residents and the previous contractor had an arrangement, and as a result, their cars allegedly passed the toll booth without being paid for. The newly hired contractor was uncooperative. This led to a disagreement, and according to accounts, Tuesday night’s attack was orchestrated to intimidate the new contractor.

An officer stated that an investigation is underway and that a case has been filed against unidentified individuals.

Toll tax is a charge vehicle owners need to pay for using some expressways, tunnels, bridges etc. The amount is used for repair and maintenance. The charges vary depending on the size of the vehicle.


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