Poorva Gupta Has Been Presented as the Eminent Speaker at the 2023 Business Conference Organized by Fame Finders

The 2023 Business Conference and Awards, organized by Fame Finders, took place at the India International Center in Delhi. Throughout the day-long event, speakers, policymakers, businessmen, investors, and participants from all over the country expressed their thoughts. The main objective of the event was to promote the G20 Summit being held in India and discuss contributions from the business community.

Various eminent speakers from diverse industries graced the event with their presence. Poorva Gupta was among them. She is a personality development Expert & Influencer. She empowers people struggling due to obesity, hair loss, body shape, height, physical challenges, skin color, or any visible skin blemishes. She helps people in managing stress, enhance their appearance, handle bullying, cope with anxiety, and build confidence.


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