The Prominent Indian Personalities Feted At The All Media Council Awards Event

The recent All Media Council Awards ceremony held on 3rd June 2023 hits all records of success. Various professionals from diverse industries, including media experts and social personalities, were united at one dias and shared their thoughts, & experiences and collaborated with like-minded individuals.

The All Media Council Awards event 2023 throws light on the importance of the respective roles of these professionals and honored them for their societal contributions.

The award ceremony was organized by the All Media Council Foundation, a non-profit network of organizations that runs various mentoring programs and journalism training seminars and offers career opportunities for media professionals.

Mr. Sonu is one of the awardees who graced the event with his presence and active participation. Here is his bio.

Super coach Sonu is a management professional as per his academic qualification but there is a lot more in him. He started his career as a photographer and a cinematographer but his later realization made him move forward towards a new role of his life, that is as a life coach. Sonu Prasad is ATD certified coach. He is a Holistic Mentor. Following the words of his ideal swami Vivekanand who always said arise, awake stop not until your goal is achieved, he is an enthusiastic young leader in the field of personal and professional development.

He has been a co-author in a very amazing and best-selling book named Speak to Shine and along with this he has been awarded as young coach of the Year in 2021 which itself is a prestigious moment and an achievement to be proud of. He is a founder member of ICF the Indian coaching federation And is also a part of the HTC community. He helps people in decoding their own minds and finds their hidden power and capacities to excel in their lives and for this wonderful purpose, he has created an amazing platform named super coach talks.

He believes nothing is impossible and anyone can do anything with the help of their willpower, be it in private or social life. he is continuously motivating people to slay in business, studies, and personal development. He is continuously learning new things and is achieving new milestones in his life which are helping young minds to develop and move forward in their career and lives.

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