Usha Cable Industries: Revolutionizing Agriculture with Innovative Cable Solutions

Usha Cable, a renowned company certified by both ISI and BSI in India, has recently introduced a solution tailored to address the challenges faced by farmers – the Agricultural Water Proof Heat Project Cable XLP Summer Sable Cable. Aman Gupta, the Director of Usha Cable Industries, expressed the company’s commitment to assisting farmers by designing this cable to combat issues related to motor overloading.

Gupta emphasized that the Water Proof Heat Project Cable XLP Summer Sable Cable serves as a protective measure against motor burnout caused by excessive loads. Acting akin to a cable fuse, this innovative solution is designed to blow out in the presence of overwhelming motor load, thereby preventing potential damage and ensuring the motor’s safety.

In addition to this farmer-centric offering, Usha Cable Industries also provides the market with the Multi Core Round Rubberized Silicone Soft PBC Cable. This versatile cable boasts functionality even in extreme temperatures, capable of operating efficiently at minus 30 degrees Celsius. Gupta highlighted that these high-quality cables are made available at affordable prices throughout all markets in India.

Usha Cable’s commitment to innovation and addressing specific needs within the agricultural sector is evident in the introduction of these specialized cables. The company’s proactive approach in developing products that cater to the challenges faced by farmers showcases its dedication to enhancing agricultural practices and ensuring the longevity of essential equipment.

As technology continues to play a pivotal role in modern agriculture, Usha Cable Industries positions itself as a reliable partner, providing solutions that contribute to the sustainability and efficiency of farming operations across the country. With the Agricultural Water Proof Heat Project Cable and the Multi Core Round Rubberized Silicone Soft PBC Cable, the company aims to make a positive impact on the agricultural landscape in India.


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