“Will He Take Back Katchatheevu Island?”: Congress MP’s Challenge To PM Modi

Manickam Tagore, a Congress MP, criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday for bringing up the Katchatheevu island issue. If Modi is “so concerned” about Tamil Nadu, Tagore dared him to reclaim the island from Sri Lanka.
“If his concern is with Tamil Nadu, will he return Katchatheevu? I put PM Modi to the test. Within hours of the Prime Minister’s ‘X’ post on the island of Katchatheevu, Mr. Tagore told the news agency ANI, “They have failed.”

In addition, the top Congressman promised that in the event that Tamil fishermen in the Ramnad district are attacked, the Congress would speak up and demand to reclaim the island from Sri Lanka.

“We are very clear that if our fishermen, our brothers in Ramnad district are attacked, we will raise our voices to take back Katchatheevu. But, in 10 years, PM Modi has failed to do so,” Mr Tagore said.

Claiming that the BJP had slim electoral chances in Tamil Nadu, Mr Tagore said, “PM Modi should stop such cheap tactics. He is being rejected by Tamil Nadu. They will not get even one seat in Tamil Nadu. Annamalai will not even come in the second place. He is struggling for the third place in Tamil Nadu.”

Mr. Tagore asserted that because the BJP is losing support in Tamil Nadu, the party is employing “diversionary tactics” there.

“The problem with BJP, RSS and PM Modi is that people are rejecting them in Tamil Nadu and they want a diversionary tactic,” said the Congress leader.

“It is widely known that they discriminate against Tamil Nadu. Not only has AIIMS Madurai not begun operations, but none of the Tamil Nadu projects have either. There is just one brick in every place and one foundation stone.They are bringing up this 1974-originated issue because of it,” he continued.

Explaining the historical context of India giving away the Katchatheevu island to Sri Lanka, Mr Tagore said, “The government of India headed by Indira Gandhi signed an agreement called the Indira Gandhi-Sirimavo Bandaranaike agreement. At that time, to save 6 lakh Tamils… because they are natives of old Ramnad district, this Katchatheevu island was given by the Government of India to the Sri Lankan government. It was done to save Tamils.”


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