One of the BJP’s election promises for Karnataka is a uniform civil code.

Bangalore: Among the major promises made by the BJP in its platform for the May 10 Karnataka Assembly election were the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code, the creation of 10 lakh manufacturing jobs, and the designation of Bengaluru as the State Capital Region.

The BJP Praja Pranalike paper was presented today in Bengaluru by JP Nadda, the party’s national president. Among those present at the event were veteran party leader BS Yediyurappa and chief minister Basavaraj S. Bommai.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Nadda claimed that the manifesto was not created following conversations in an air-conditioned space and that party members had travelled to every region of the state to gather information.

In Mr. Nadda’s words, the BJP wants to see “justice for all, appeasement for none” in the state. He added that the “unconstitutional” reservation for Muslims had been eliminated by the party-run state administration. The Basavaraj Bommai-led cabinet made the decision to distribute the 4% Muslim reservation evenly between the Lingayats and Vokkaligas, two politically significant caste groupings in Karnataka, just before the elections were called.

The opposition has voiced opposition to the decision, and the Congress and the Janata Dal (Secular) have pledged to reinstate the reservation if they are elected.   

The party, which this time will face a challenging electoral campaign in the state, has claimed that its pledges apply to all facets of life.

According to the statement, the state would apply the Uniform Civil Code “based on the recommendations given by a high-level committee which is to be formed for the purpose,”

The party has also committed to “speedy deportation of all illegal migrants” and the implementation of the National Register of Citizens.

A fixed deposit programme for women from scheduled castes and tribes, monthly ration kits for those living below the poverty line, and a goal to turn Karnataka into a centre for electric vehicle development are further pledges. Additionally, the party has promised BPL families three free cooking gas cylinders per year, one for each of the festivals of Yugadi, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Deepavali.

The Congress has not yet released its platform, despite its intense campaigning for victory this time. The opposition party made various campaign promises including 200 free power units for all homes, 10 kg of rice for BPL households, $2,000 per month in aid for the woman head of every family, and $3,000 per month in stipend for unemployed graduates.

The Janata Dal (Secular), the opposing party in the anticipated three-way election battle, has pledged to pass laws giving Kannadigas a reservation in the private sector. Additionally, it has stated that it will pressure the federal government to conduct civil service and military recruitment exams in Kannada.

The BJP’s platform also promises to create a consultative group to enhance the “ease of living” for Bengaluru flat dwellers. It has said that it will start a programme to encourage interaction between industrial training facilities and small and medium-sized businesses. At the school level, the BJP has pledged to implement a plan whereby the state government will collaborate with illustrious people and organisations to upgrade state-run schools.

The manifesto also pledges to improve access to public healthcare by building diagnostic clinics in each municipal ward and providing seniors with free yearly health exams.

The party has pledged to provide farmers with a 30,000 crore money to establish gramme panchayat-level agro processing plants, modernization committees for agricultural produce, and micro cold storage facilities.

The manifesto included a 1,500 crore plan to create a number of circuits and corridors to make Karnataka the top tourist destination in the nation.

Additionally, it has pledged to identify 10 lakh housing opportunities for the homeless.


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