These are the wealthiest cities on world. What’s the rank of Delhi and Mumbai??

According to a survey from investment migration firm Henley & Partners, New York City is the wealthiest city in the globe with 58 billionaires, followed by Tokyo and The Bay Area at the second and third spots, respectively. Four US cities made the top 10 list in a study of high-net-worth people (HNWIs) with investable wealth of over $1 million: New York City, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Beijing and Shanghai, two cities in China, were also included in the list, and London came in at number four. As the number of high net worth individuals in the city increased by 40% between 2012 and 2022, New York maintained its top ranking.

Sydney ranks 10th with 1,26,900 HNWIs, whereas Singapore ranks fifth with 2,40,100 HNWIs. Mumbai, which has 59,400 HNWIs, came in at number one in India, followed by Delhi (16 billionaires), Bengaluru (8 billionaires), Hyderabad (5 billionaires), and Kolkata (7 billionaires).

With 63 billionaires living in the area around Silicon Valley and San Francisco, California’s Bay Area came out on top in terms of billionaires. New York, Beijing, Los Angeles, and Shanghai came after it.

In 10 years, Hangzhou, China, experienced a 105 percent increase, with Austin, Texas, coming in second with a 102 percent gain. The percentage of high net worth individuals increased by 75% and 90% in Miami and West Palm Beach, respectively.


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