Information on PM Modi’s trip to Kerala; India’s first water metro; and a meeting of church leaders is a boost for the BJP.

Due of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming two-day visit to the state, the Kerala Police has imposed traffic restrictions in Kochi for the upcoming two days. The tour will be remembered for the laying of the cornerstone for several significant development projects, a road show, a youth conclave, and interactions with bishops from different churches.

Ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi is anticipated to meet with a number of church leaders in Kochi. This will likely boost the BJP’s outreach to Kerala’s Christian community.

According to a Times of India article citing BJP officials, the prime minister would meet with representatives from eight different Christian denominations. Cardinal George Alencherry, the head of the Malankara Orthodox Church, and Major Archbishop of the Syro-Malabar Church Mar Thoma Mathews-III, Verapoly archbishop Joseph Kalathiparambil, Jacobite church metropolitan trustee Joseph Mor Gregorios, Knanaya church head Mar Mathew Moolakkatt, Knanaya metropolitan Kuriakose Mor Severios, and Chaldean Syrian church head Mar Awgin Kuriakose are all anticipated to speak with the PM.

Furthermore, the newspaper cited individuals who said that they had not yet received the final list of church delegates. “Many church officials have said they would like to meet the PM. The Prime Minister’s Office has received the list of these leaders from us. They are to take part in RT-PCR tests and be ready for the conference, per our request. However, the PMO would be responsible for completing the list, according to a BJP leader.

PM Modi is anticipated to arrive in the evening and then conduct a road show that will go 1.8 kilometres and terminate at the Sacred Heart College grounds in Thevara.

Thevara-based Vibrant Youth for Modifying Kerala, a voluntary organisation of youth working to accelerate the process of India’s all-inclusive and sustainable development in social, economic, political, and cultural fields, will host the YUVAM conclave where the prime minister will engage with young people.


• On April 24 (Monday), vehicles travelling from the West Kochi region to Ernakulam must enter the National Highway through Thoppumpadi, Thevara Ferry, Kundanur, Vytila, Edakochi, and Aroor from 2pm to 8pm. Vehicles will not be permitted to enter from West Kochi to Thevara during the specified time, according to a report by Manorama Online.

• From BOT East, vehicles should turn left and travel through Thevara Ferry, Kundanur, and Vyttila. From 2 pm to 8 pm, commuters will not be permitted to access from the Thevara ferry side to Thevara and vice versa.

• The research recommended using Kundanur and Aroor for heavy vehicles travelling from Ernakulam to West Kochi. Between 2 and 8 o’clock, cars won’t be able to go from Pallimukku to Thevara. From Pallimukku, vehicles should make a U-turn and travel through Kadavantra to Vyttila.

• Drivers turning from BT H and travelling via Jos Junction should be travelling from Marine Drive towards Thevara. From Pallimukku, service buses travelling from Ernakulam to West Kochi should turn and travel through Kadavanthra, Vyttila, Kundannur, and Aroor.

• April 25: On Tuesday, the PM will officially launch the Kochi Water Metro project. Because of this, the authorities have announced that no vehicles will be allowed to access the West Kochi Island area from Thevara between the hours of 8 and 10:30 am. From the Thevara junction, vehicles should turn around and go to the Thevara side.

• Vehicles from the West Kochi area will not be permitted to enter Thevara. From BOT East, traffic should turn left in the direction of Thevara Ferry.

• After dropping off attendees at Kadavanthra, vehicles leaving Thrissur with persons attending the PM’s function should park at Ernakulathappan Ground, Container Road, and Kadavanthra Maveli Road.

• Vehicles coming from Alappuzha, Kottayam, and Idukki should drop off their passengers at Thevara Ferry Junction and park at the Driving Test Ground for the Motor Vehicle Department on Thevara Ferry Boat Easter Road and Indira Gandhi Road.

KOCHI is home to India’s first water metro

Officials who dubbed it “very useful in cities like Kochi” described the water metro as a distinctive urban mass transportation system that offers passengers the same comfort and simplicity of travel as the traditional metro system.

“Metro Lite is a low-cost mass rapid transit system with the same experience and ease of travel in terms of comfort, convenience, safety, punctuality, reliability, and environment friendliness as that of the conventional metro system,” they claimed.

“Metro Lite is 40% less expensive than a traditional metro system. Cities like Jammu, Srinagar, Gorakhpur, and Nashik are planning it, according to officials.

“Metro Neo has rubber-tyred electric coaches powered by an overhead traction system running on a road slab with exclusive right of way, with the same experience and ease of travel in terms of comfort, convenience, safety, punctuality, reliability, and environment friendliness as that of the conventional metro system,” they added.


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